Frequently Asked Questions:
Are there any rules on how I promote your sites?

Of course you can't do anything illegal to send us traffic. Additionally we have a strict policy of not accepting traffic from any of the following sources:

  • email marketing
  • chat traffic
  • adware installations
  • social network marketing/spamming (such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.)
  • instant messenger marketing
  • spam (any form, including seo spamming such as guestbook and comment spamming)

Dont waste your (and our time) by sending us any traffic that falls in the categories above. You will get caught and you will not get paid.

In addition to the rules above, we do not allow direct linking to the joinpage and signup form, nor can you host the joinpage on your own site. You are only allowed to link to the linkcodes that are provided under Linkcodes in the affiliate area. Linking to our sites in any other way than the provided (nats) linkcodes can result in account termination and non-payment.

It is not allowed to load our sites in an iframe (or any other way of embedding our site into another website).

It is not allowed to use ads or banners form other affiliate programs to link to our sites.

It is not allowed to promote our sites with content that we do not have in our members area. 

Please read our: TERMS OF SERVICE
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